4 Ways to Wear Infinity scarves for toddlers

4 Ways to Wear Infinity scarves for toddlers

Whether they are scarves for toddlers, teens or adults, infinity scarves are cute and works excellently well on everyone. However, the beauty of the infinity scarf is in how it worn. That is what brings out the fashion feel out of these kinds of the scarf. One thing that makes infinity scarf popular is their flexibility in application.

So if you want to buy scarves for toddlers that offers incredibility versatility in application, then toddlers Infinity scar are the best options. There are various ways that your kid can wear infinity scarves. Check out these ways of wearing infinity scarves:

Pull Through Method

This is one of the easiest ways yet very cool way to wear toddler infinity scarves. If the kid is big enough, they can also wear this method with a lot of ease. The method is quite easy. All you need is to fold the scarf in two halves, place behind your neck and stretch it horizontally. Then bring the two end of the scarf on the left side. Pull the two edges through the loop and pull them to tighten for a comfortable fit around the neck. For the kid, be careful not to pull the scarf too tight. It should be comfortable.

The Knot

If you find that the pull method is not good for your kid, then you should consider the Knot. This is one of the simple ways that you can have your kid look cool especially during the warm season. It will leave enough space around the neck thus allowing hot air from the toddler body to escape. What you need is just to loop the scarf around the toddler’s neck, then tie a single knot at the bottom. It is very simple and does not need a lot of exaggeration. It is also highly recommended for the hot weather and fashion.

The Turtleneck

This is another method wearing toddlers’ infinity scarves. It is also a very simple yet classic way of wearing for the cold season. To wear this method, you just need to loop the scarf around the kid neck twice. Then, pull down the top loops so that it hugs your neck. It is a very classic method, but it is recommended for older toddlers.

The Fat Loop

This is the easiest one. You need to hold both ends of the infinity scarf, wrap the scarf around the neck. Loop one end of the scarf to the open end but don’t pull it all the way through. It will form a big loop that will keep the kid warm during cold weather.